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Company profile

CIAT, leading industrial group in the field of heating by heat pumps, centralised air conditioning, air handling and heat exchange designs, manufactures and markets solutions for the residential, service sector, healthcare and industrial markets. Its development subscribes to optimising the use of energy, improving air quality and increasing the comfort of atmospheres inside buildings, in accordance with the provisions of the Grenelle Environment Round Table.


The Group has 6 industrial plants based in France (4 plants, 3 of which are located in Rhône-Alpes), Spain and Italy.


In 2012, CIAT employed a workforce of 2 100 (1 500 in the Rhône-Alpes plants) with a turnover of 275 million Euros.


Protecting the environment and using energy wisely are part of our daily lives. Today we must design living and working spaces that are safe, comfortable and sustainable. CIAT is strongly committed to environmental protection and has made this concern an integral part of its development strategy.


Thanks to its expert knowledge in the field of heating by heat pumps, centralised air conditioning and air handling, the CIAT Group develops solutions that are cleaner, more cost effective and safer. Having already established one of the largest Research and Innovation centres in Europe, CIAT's ambitions in relation to these issues are also reflected by the creation of CIAT Environment, a unit that analyses the environmental and social impacts of products in all applications.


CIAT's expertise is based on three fundamental axes, air quality, comfort and energy optimisation, and develops solutions that are sustainable:

  • because they guarantee exceptionally low consumption levels with very high performance
  • because its equipment is designed to have a minimal ecological impact throughout its entire life cycle, from design to final dismantling.
  • because CIAT accompanies its customers through the inevitable changes their activities face and help them anticipate new regulations: HQE (High Environmental Quality), BEPOS (Positive Energy Building), BBC (Low-Energy Building), future RT 2020 and reduced carbon footprint...


 In addition, CIAT has been certified ISO 14001 which confirms and reflects the high environmental performance of its products, services and manufacturing processes